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Interdisciplinary Perinatal Health Summit: Navigating PCOS and Fertility

Empowering the Lactating Journey: Managing Milk Supply through Medical and Non-Medical Approaches

This informative talk dives into the complex topic of low milk supply in lactation, exploring the various factors that can contribute to this common challenge for breastfeeding and chest feeding individuals. From hormonal influences to lifestyle factors, this session will provide an in-depth understanding of low milk supply and its management. Additionally, the talk will touch upon the concept of induced lactation, discussing the techniques and strategies for stimulating milk production in non-gestational parents. Attendees will gain valuable insights into assessment, interventions, and support mechanisms to enhance milk supply and promote successful breastfeeding experiences.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the multifactorial nature of low milk supply in lactation, including physiological, psychological, and environmental factors that can impact milk production.
    Recognize the signs and symptoms of low milk supply, distinguishing between true insufficient milk production and perceived low supply.
  • Review evidence-based strategies for assessing and managing low milk supply, including effective breastfeeding techniques, herbal and medicinal treatments.
  • Understand the concept of induced lactation and its applications in non-gestational parents, including adoptive parents, same-sex couples, and individuals who have not experienced pregnancy.
  • Explore the techniques and interventions for inducing lactation, including the use of hormonal therapy, breast stimulation, and galactagogues.

Note: It is important to ensure that medical professionals or lactation consultants who are specifically trained in induced lactation techniques are present during the talk or available for consultation, as induced lactation involves specialized knowledge and guidance.

Interdisciplinary Perinatal Health Summit: Collaborative Care for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

Originally presented on November 4, 2023 and structured into multiple, interdisciplinary panels as well as smaller presentations, this learning series was created to present a better approach to care, for patients and providers alike. Subscribe to just this talk or the full day learning event where we follow the perinatal patient's journey from conception through to postpartum. Topics are diverse and speakers range from a variety of backgrounds and expertise.