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Interdisciplinary Perinatal Health Summit: Optimal Pelvic Floor Recovery

Beyond Delivery: Integrating Disciplines for Optimal Pelvic Floor Recovery Postpartum

 This enlightening panel discussion brings together experts in the field of nutrition, pelvic health, and physiotherapy to examine the evidence on pushing during labor and its potential impact on postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction. The panel will explore the latest research findings, controversies, and clinical considerations surrounding pushing techniques and their association with pelvic floor health. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the evidence base and learn about management options to optimize postpartum pelvic floor function and prevent or address pelvic floor disorders.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review and understand the physiological changes that occur in the pelvic floor during pregnancy, review the current evidence on pushing techniques during labor and their potential influence on postpartum pelvic floor function, including the impact on pelvic organ support, muscle integrity, and continence.
  • Discuss the controversies and debates surrounding directed pushing versus spontaneous pushing, potential risk factors for postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction such as urinary incontinence and prolapse, and explore the various factors that may influence the choice of pushing technique in different clinical scenarios.
  • Explore the role of pelvic health physiotherapy in assessing and managing postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction, including the use of pelvic floor muscle training, behavioral modifications, and other therapeutic interventions.
  • Explore emerging research and innovative strategies in the prevention and management of postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction, including the use of technology, interdisciplinary collaboration, and patient-centered approaches.
  • Discuss the importance of nutrition in preparing for childbirth and recovering from birth and some tips you can give your patient/client.

Interdisciplinary Perinatal Health Summit: Collaborative Care for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

Originally presented on November 4, 2023 and structured into multiple, interdisciplinary panels as well as smaller presentations, this learning series was created to present a better approach to care, for patients and providers alike. Subscribe to just this talk or the full day learning event where we follow the perinatal patient's journey from conception through to postpartum. Topics are diverse and speakers range from a variety of backgrounds and expertise.