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Pregnancy for Professionals is here to share interdisciplinary perspectives from across all relevant fields and allied health professionals, packaged into an easily accessible format, to optimize evidence based maternity care.




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Our well-rounded working group of maternity professionals and patient liaisons was formed to create an easily accessible, centralized, information sharing platform for practitioners supporting maternity care.

Funded by the Government of BC and Doctors of BC through the Shared Care initiative, we continue to grow and evolve alongside the needs of our patients and practitioner community.

"My knowledge has been enhanced through the interdisciplinary work we have done on our She Found Motherhood Podcast. We provide better care when we understand how our allied health colleagues can integrate in the team when caring for our pregnant and newly parenting patients."

Dr. Alicia Power, Family Practice Obstetrics

"A collaborative approach has not only helped my clients to receive holistic care but also helps me, as a care provider, stay current with what is going on outside my scope of practice. The connection with interdisciplinary peers helps me feel supported and part of something bigger than what I can provide within the walls of my treatment room"

Melissa DeSaulles, Pelvic Physiotherapist
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In learning you will teach.

And in teaching you will learn.

Resources for every stage of maternity care.

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