Supporting Gender Diversity in Pregnancy

Season #4

As care providers, most of us are doing our best to exercise kindness and inclusivity in our practice and personal lives. But it can be difficult at times to know how to best live within these values, in an ever evolving world.

On today's episode we speak to Trystan Reese, trans educator with a focus on reproductive justice, fertility, and family-building, about his pregnancy, the data on testosterone and fertility, and small steps providers can take to create a more inclusive space for all people, especially those who identify as gender diverse.

One small step is listening to this podcast as well as attending our upcoming, free Interdisciplinary Perinatal Health Summit: Collaborative Care for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum where Trystan will also be speaking more in-depth about Breaking Barriers with Language: Empowering Pregnant Individuals through Inclusive Care Practices.



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